You Have a Vision. We Can Help You Get There.

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We translate your business strategy to ensure it truly resonates with your target audiences.


Taking the business to the next level.

Deploying the essence of the business strategy.

Vibrant communications that drive Mission AlignmentTM, change and growth.

Evoke applies external branding disciplines to the constant interactions of employee engagement to deliver consistent, enterprise-wide Mission AlignmentTM, change and growth.

BrandHeatTM is Evoke’s approach for keeping the Mission present, salient, and resonating – consistently guiding everyday decisions that matter.

BrandHeatTM includes positioning, internal audience segmentation, message tracks, and creative executions across internal channels from executive communications to special events to online.

Bring the mission to life.

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The Evoke team has deep experience transforming organizations. Our services range from facilitating executive sessions to positioning, and from brand creation to creative engagement and launch.

Our programs include materials for manager communications training, team meetings and complete communications cascades.

We use media from print to event to online, in concert, to ensure each audience is engaged.


You have a vision. We can help you get there.

For information and case studies; David Langston, Senior Partner; dlangston@evokecomm.com; 203-912-6496

New website under construction for December, 2017 launch!